Private Nesjavellir and Thingvellir – Price from 390 EUR

Car with 1-3 pers: Prices from 390 EUR
Car with 4-8 pers: Prices from 490 EUR
(Prices are per vehicle, not per person)

Duration: 3 hours

All year round

Cash and all major credit cards on the day of pick up. If the amount goes over a certain limit we may ask you to pay a deposit or the full amount in advance.


The second largest geothermal power station in Iceland is Nesjavellir. The station produces approximately 120 MW of electrical power and delivers around 1,800 litres of hot water (82-85°C) per second, servicing the space heating and hot water to the largest urban area in Iceland – the capital region. 

The Nesjavellir facility is located near Thingvellir and the Hengill Volcano, about 30 minutes from Reykjavík. Nesjavellir is popular for recreational activities and great outdoors areas like marking hiking and riding trails. 

Take this tour if you are looking for something really spectacular.


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